December 12, 2009

Cosplayer Kim

Cosplayer Kim

An artist, talented and registered nurse, Kim at the age of 22 is already finding her place in the modeling industry. This girl is starting to fulfill her dreams since she is already engaged in a CosPlay (Costume Play) business, where she can exert her artistry, while at the same time showing her own style as a model.

Her fairytale started when a talent agent spotted her and invited to join modeling. It was also the time where she discovered her skills and trained her. For the past years, Kim enjoyed being a commercial model and got an opportunity to meet and greet some of the famous local artist. Because of her lovely face, Kim became the photographers’ favorite model. The girl’s face is more into pictorial - she can wear anything but yes, not too sexy. Her childhood friend Grez, who is also a Fabe model, introduced her to the Fabe Brothers. Together they continue to fulfill their dreams to be recognized in the modeling world.

Kim described herself as a determined person and fast learner. But even though she has these strengths, she still feels awkward and out-casted from other models. And to avoid being alone, Kim determined as she were – confidently managed to mingle with others and share words with them.

In her young life, Kim didn’t recognized any regrets that she encountered because she bravely believe that whatever she do, she definitely chose it to happen. With her very supportive family, Kim is inspired to bring out all her passion in her chosen art. In her vision, this is the way to see her favorite international model, Tyra Banks in a different way. And if she was given a chance to take some photo shot with other icons, Kim picked up the three handsome 13th century vampires portrayed by Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Antonio Banderas in the movie “An Interview with a Vampire”. She admired those vampires in their performance, now I wonder if she will play the role of Kirsten Dunst and wear fangs. Hmmm… ouch! “Bite me!”

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