November 17, 2009

Karla Lapan






Karla Lapan in a black striped bikini.

Gold Women's Bikini Swimwear

Aya_Morato_06 copy.jpg

Aya_Morato_01 copy.jpg

Aya_Morato_02 copy.jpg

Aya_Morato_04 copy.jpg

Aya_Morato_05 copy.jpg

Aya Morato in a gold cotton bikini.

Aya Morato in a printed leather dress

Aya Morato Purple Dress 009.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 001.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 002.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 003.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 004.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 005.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 006.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 007.jpg

Aya Morato Purple Dress 008.jpg

Grez Claveria

grez header.jpg

IMG_0967 copy.jpg

Grez Claveria 125.jpg

Grez Claveria 126 copy.jpg

Grez Claveria 127.jpg

Grez Claveria 125 copy.jpg

Fabe Clothing Highlights: Grez Claveria

Grez is a 23 year model who is guided by her natural fashion sense-ability. She's been exposed in modeling when she was around 19 and grabbed the opportunity when she was invited to join some series of Bar Tours and dared to show off her skin. So it clearly states that this is not Grez's first time to be exposed in the public eyes.

Grez believed that it is her passion to walk on the ramp and destiny set her to be drawn as a model. And how does she keep her body beautiful? It is because of the fact that Grez is a swimmer so there's reason to wonder why a sportswear definitely fits in her body. And wait haven't I told you that she is also a Nutritionist? Well, yes she is just so gifted.

Self-confidence is the first thing that a model should and guess that Grez is fully equipped in terms of confidence factor. But there is always a downside in every one of us; this sweet girl admits that sometimes she has some doubts in wearing too much revealing clothes, specifically lingerie. What makes her more confident is when the show is on and she's ready to take her walk. Grez really enjoys the photo shoot for she can state who she is.

The only regret that she has is when the time she temporarily left the modeling for three to dedicate her time for her education. Now it is the second time for Grez to go back to school and involve herself in the Nursing environment. But Grez is a tough girl; she made a comeback and finished her first study, two birds in a one stone. Today Grez has more time to take the modeling seriously and professionally. This free spirited girl finally found her sense of fulfillment.

Piolo Pascual is Grez's crush and dreamed to see herself with this handsome guy in a photo, well it's not impossible. With her height, looks, character, and natural attitude what else can you ask for?

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