November 16, 2009

Nelly Manipol

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Inspired by the Models she'd seen on their family TV, Nelly Manipol starts to dream as a model at the early age of 12. And now she's 21, a first year student in a Med Proper, and starting to fulfill her dreams after 9 years.

This fun-loving girl built her self-confidence from her interschool and modeling pageant experiences. Nelly is a kind of girl that's trying to find her purpose and decided to start it with Fabe Clothing. It's her debut to take her photo shot professionally so that she admitted that she prepared for this.

Nelly had an active lifestyle and so she enrolled herself in a fitness center where she enjoyed her time burning for the unwanted fats that's affecting her self-esteem. With her wit, cheerful attitude, and unique style, Nelly can cover her personal weakness, her own insecurities.

Nelly plans to become a model professionally, if ever she's been given a chance. So to speak, Nelly believed that she must gather all her guts to make a success in her passion. Zac Efron and Matt Dallas are the hot guys that Nelly wants to work with in a photo shoot. Well, it is not impossible, Nelly is a kind of person who can make you laugh and have talent that's why I never doubted that Zac and Matt will get bored.

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