November 1, 2009

Wikko Sarabia

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Fabe's Image Models: Wikko Sarabia

FABE introduces a new face that will try to change the meaning of modeling, introducing Wikko Sarabia, twenty years of age and a pursuant graduate of Marine Engineering. Wikko's first appearance as a model happened in Bulacan where he voluntarily wore the self-designed clothes of his friend just for a typical event for a school. Unaware that it was also a pageant and because of his awesome personality, he grabbed a runner-up place; and take note, he was not even a student of that school!

Since then, he pursued his dreams of becoming a model and it became a strong inspiration now that Wikko is an official member of Fabe Clothing Models. He was introduced to the company by another model and he quickly took that opportunity. Wikko fully understands the concept of being a model and his self-confidence plays a vital role as he projects himself in front of the camera. Now, he can make a good impression to the camera since the day he knew that he gained the said self-confidence, though he admits to himself that sometimes he can't take away his timid behavior.

Other than being a model, Wikko also dreams of finishing his studies or trying to make a shot in a culinary school - hmmm… I wonder what type of FOOD this guy has to offer? Anyways, a model always looks to other predecessors as an icon and because of this, Wikko dreams higher and that is to be featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. He believes that he needs to do his best to achieve that dream by having a proper gym workout. Well, do you know Daiana Meneses? Yes, Daiana Meneses is Wikko's dream partner in modeling.

It is the time for Wikko to shine, now that he can clearly and confidently say that he really looks good in pictures. The lack of practice and the right projection are some of the common problems in the catwalk among the models but by being able to ramp for FABE's fashion shows and with his daring personality, models like Wikko, can make their portfolios fruitful. What else can I say - Wikko is one of the most promising models that FABE ever had!

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