October 25, 2009

Patrick Palmario

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Patrick 09 copy.jpg

Patrick Palmario is a Computer Engineer. He's a fresh graduate and wants to pursue modeling in Manila.

You may reach him at 0905-406-2405.

Kathleen Baehler

Kathleen & Edouard 036 copy.jpg

Kathleen & Edouard 038 copy.jpg

Kathleen & Edouard 037 copy.jpg

Kathleen is a Swiss Filipina. She is a friend of a FABE model whom I worked with a long time ago. She is only 17 years old and I think she has a potential for modeling here in Manila.

She is still a student studying at Geneva, Switzerland.

Jusan Sison

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017 (15).jpg

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015 (15).jpg

My work becomes easy when the model is willing to work hard. Jusan is one type of model. She is articulate, creative and smart. He's a photographers' model. Easy to work with.

Jusan studies at San Beda college.

Patrick Palmario

Setcard 12 copy.jpg

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Setcard 14 copy.jpg

Setcard 13 copy.jpg

Pictures for the Setcard of Patrick Palmario. A Computer Engineering graduate from Bulacan.

Model Portfolio Photoshoot Fee

I. Portfolio Fee Package

Fee is on only Php 1,000.00

You need to bring your own Make up Artist or you can do your own make up.

What will this include?

1. Your clothes will be provided by FABE clothing.

2. We will do 2 layouts.

3. 8 edited shots

When can I get my pictures?

Your 8 edited pictures will be uploaded at http://www.vicfabe.com and at http://fabeclothing.multiply.com

It will be ready after 7 days.

When can I have my photoshoot?

My photoshoot days are from Monday to Friday, 3 pm onwards.

What to bring for the shoot?

1. False Eyelashes

2. 2 pairs of high heels.

3. For the men, please bring 1 pair of sneakers.

Setcard Services


Having a setcard is an important document if you want to get jobs as a model. It should be updated and it should reflect the real you.

My style of photography is simple. I want clear, crisp and gorgeous pictures. Most of my clients are working models so their pictures are not so post processed in photoshop. How can you get jobs if your face is totally different from your setcard? :-)

Here are my Setcard Fee.

My fee is only 1,500.

And this includes :

1. Hair and Make Up

2. 12 individual edited shots

3. 2 layout's of setcards

4. Studio Rental

How can you get a copy of your setcard?

Your files will be uploaded in this website or at http://fabeclothing.multiply.com

Just click and copy your setcard and have it printed at 5r.

When can I have my photoshoot?

My photoshoot schedules are from Mondays to Saturdays, 3pm onwards

What should I bring?

For Men : Only sneakers and clothes that you want to be included in your setcard.

For Women : 2 pairs of high heels and clothes for your setcard.

I also do provide clothing for the setcard shoot so just inform me if you can't bring clothes.

Where is the FABE Studio?

My studio is located at 288 Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

Please click here for the map.

Contact Number ?

You can reach me at 0916.654.5707

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