April 22, 2009

JP Ancheta





JP Ancheta was part of the Dolfenal commercial that came out last month. He is a professional model.
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Aya Morato


Aya Morato is a model based in Manila. This is one of my favorite shots that I have taken of her.
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Derek Ramos - Set 2





Set 2 of Model Derek Ramos.
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Nico Loresca





Nico Loresca is a Manila based model. Just finished his Bachelors degree this month.

Derek Ramos - Set 1





Derek Ramos works as a flight attendant based in Clark, Pampanga.

He is excited to pursue his new career.
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BTS - Aya Morato


Behind the scenes during the photoshoot of Aya Morato. A model bases in Bicutan, Metro Manila.

With me is my Creative Director : Eman and my co photog : Marvin Maning.
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Saori - Set 1





Saori is half Japanese and half-Filipino model based in Laguna. She is fluent in Nihonggo than speaking Tagalog.

Shot at my Ortigas Condo.
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