January 19, 2009

Jeremi Gutierrez

Jeremi is described by his friends as handsome, a happy person and has good looks.
He likes to read FHM and wants to pursue modeling on a part time basis.

John Bardo Espiritu First Pictures

John Bardo Espiritu was my third model to pose for FABE sportswear. I was not yet into portrait photography yet, but my friend Ian Alquiros told me to take pictures too.
Here are my first shots. These pictures are unedited.

Sheila Balisnomo & Aaron Orrlaza

Sheila and Aaron are real life couples. They both model for FABE sportswear.

Maila Castro

Maila works as a nurse. Her friends describe her as a simple and an outgoing person.
She wants to focus on her career as a nurse this year.
Her favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan.

Sheila Balisnomo

Sheila's friends describe her as a silent person but has a naughty side. She likes reading Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest and Women's Journal.
Her goal this 2009 is to be a known model or be a stewardess based in Singapore.
She's a 25 year old model who currently works at Maersk. 

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