July 31, 2009

Ian Valenzuela

Ian Valenzuela 05.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 01.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 02.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 03.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 04.jpg

Ian Valenzuela is a model friend of my co photographer, Marvin Maning. He is actually my neighbor in Scout Area. I like him as a subject since he is open to anything.

Ian Valenzuela Sexy Set 1

Ian Valenzuela 09.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 10.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 11.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 06.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 07.jpg

Ian Valenzuela 08.jpg

Ian Valenzuela in FABE swimwear.

Hunky Dancer Hurskie

Hurskie Bondoc27 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc31 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc39 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc42 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc11 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc14 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc19 (1).jpg

Hurskie Bondoc is a former member of the dance troupe G force.

Italian Hunk - Guisseppe

Guiseppe 65.jpg

Guiseppe 68.jpg

Guiseppe 75.jpg

Guiseppe 50.jpg

Guiseppe 59.jpg

Guisseppe or Guise is a model friend of Tami Ballesteros.

Gio Pineda

Gio Pineda 037.jpg

Gio Pineda 062.jpg

Gio Pineda 006.jpg

Gio Pineda works for a call center. He is based in Quezon City.

Gino Cabrillas

Gino Cabrillas 118.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 120.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 123.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 110.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 114.jpg

Gino Cabrillas wears FABE sportswear.

Gino Cabrillas

Gino Cabrillas 070.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 073.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 081.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 092.jpg

Gino Cabrillas 058.jpg

Gino Cabrillas is a model who comes from Baguio City.

July 30, 2009

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