March 27, 2009

Aldous Samonte

Aldous is a big hit among my viewers of my multiply site. His face is really appealing to the masses. He has a bright future ahead in modeling.
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Basty Sarmiento

Basty works in Quezon City. He likes to venture into modeling. Although a bit heavy on the side, but sometimes clients do look for chubbier models.
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March 26, 2009

Office worker : Jun

Jun works in Quezon City. He likes to pursue modeling.
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Christine in Swimwear

Christine wears an aquamarine swimwear. Perfect outfit for the summer.
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Christine happens to participate in my Struggle Photoshoot project. She is very photogenic and I asked her if she could model some of my clothes. She happily obliged. She wears a nice pink printed dress. I think any dress worn by Christine will look good.
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Jun Villanueva

Jun works in Quezon City. He would like to try modeling. He looks very Filipino and very macho.
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Driss Portfolio

Driss Portfolio. I usually get a lot of requests for a porfolio. This is one. My aim is to show the real you on my pictures. I'm not into digital manipulation since as a model, you should look the same in real life and on your pictures, especially if you want to land in major print ads.
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Driss M.

Driss is an french exchange student at the Ateneo De Manila. He is currently finishing his bachelors degree and he opted to avail of the exchange student progam of his school in Paris.

He is a friend of one of my models, Gael. They met at the Embassy Bar at Fort Bonifacio.
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March 12, 2009

Daring and Sexy Diane De Leon







Diane De Leon wears a skyblue FABE swimwear.

Sultry Cindy Sajo







Cindy Sajo is an old time model of mine. She is a friend of Tanya Dino. My network of female models grows rapidly because of these beautiful women referring me to their equally beautiful friends.

Justin Knapp in a Cotton Blue Shirt







Justin is a student at the Lyceum University in Manila. He has done some print ads before for Globe telecoms. He is currently focusing on his studies at the moment.

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