January 19, 2009

Jeremi Gutierrez

Jeremi is described by his friends as handsome, a happy person and has good looks.
He likes to read FHM and wants to pursue modeling on a part time basis.

John Bardo Espiritu First Pictures

John Bardo Espiritu was my third model to pose for FABE sportswear. I was not yet into portrait photography yet, but my friend Ian Alquiros told me to take pictures too.
Here are my first shots. These pictures are unedited.

Sheila Balisnomo & Aaron Orrlaza

Sheila and Aaron are real life couples. They both model for FABE sportswear.

Maila Castro

Maila works as a nurse. Her friends describe her as a simple and an outgoing person.
She wants to focus on her career as a nurse this year.
Her favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan.

Sheila Balisnomo

Sheila's friends describe her as a silent person but has a naughty side. She likes reading Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest and Women's Journal.
Her goal this 2009 is to be a known model or be a stewardess based in Singapore.
She's a 25 year old model who currently works at Maersk. 

January 18, 2009

Jet Cuaresma

Jet Cuaresma is an aspiring model and works for the Maersk Global Service Center.

Adam Rever

Adam Rever is an upcoming star of ABS-CBN. He will be coming out in one of their shows soon.
Television contracts are one of the most sought after deals of Philippine models today.

Chris Lee Revealed

Chris Lee models FABE swimwear.

Anthony Jaybee Gongon

Anthony Jaybee Gongon is a student of Lyceum of the Philippines. His friends describe him as a jolly person and a caring friend.
He's a positive thinker that likes to read FHM and Cosmopolitan magazines.
His goal this year is to finish his studies and to have a commercial. Eventually, he sees himself as working in a cruise liner.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee is an aspiring model. He will be joining a series of male pageant around the Philippines this year, 2009.

Athena Buenaventura

Athena is a model of FHM magazine. She has a very strong sex appeal and no wonder a leading men's magazine got her in one of their print layouts.

Athena and Junnie

Athena Buenaventura and Junnie Girl models FABE sportswear.
Taken at Corinthian Regency Executive Condominium in Ortigas.

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